Not My Buddy is a whodunit medical mystery and a love story between one woman and the dog who restores her spirit while she fights her way back to health from a disease they both shared - GIARDIA!
One Woman, a Dog and their Journey through Healing

for those suffering from a chronic dis-ease
How is it possible to love the thing that almost ends your life? Three days after the arrival of “Buddy,” an adorable Golden Retriever puppy, Tracey Berkowitz’s picture perfect life shatters. Almost overnight, she looks horrible, feels horrible and has no idea why. 

Not My Buddy is a love story between one woman and the dog who restores her spirit while she finds her way toward health. Over the course of five years, Tracey Berkowitz and her family spend more than $80,000 on a team of 16 health care professionals and, at one point, 132 pills per day, while they seek a diagnosis and treatment for this mysterious illness.

Taken to the brink of bankruptcy and divorce and incapacitated as a mother, Tracey removes the masks that contributed to her dis-ease, leaving her vulnerable, terrified, and headed on a collision course with her soul’s true purpose: to help those suffering from chronic giardiasis—ironically “the gift” from the dog who teaches her self-love.
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Giardiasis is a devastating illness that starts with digestive symptoms but can spread 
and can cause hormonal imbalance, fatigue, allergies, skin rashes, swollen lymph glands, leaky gut, 
muscle pain & arthritis. Giardia infection may also cause an overgrowth of yeast or bacteria in the
 small intestine, producing symptoms. 

"In her debut book, Not My Buddy, Berkowitz invites readers to join her on a whodunit medical mystery, sharing her five-year journey of self-discovery as she fights her way back to health after contracting Giardia from her golden retriever, Buddy, for whom the book is titled.

"Berkowitz writes in a style so endearing that readers will feel as though they are one of her inner circle and candidly shares the intimate and escalating struggles she and her family encounter in the face of her rapidly declining health.

"Berkowitz's take-charge mentality when it comes to being her own advocate, both as a patient and in her family life, is nothing short of inspiring and Not My Buddy is sure to positively impact the lives of all who read it, as it did my own."  ~ Stacey Freeman of Middle-Aged Mania blog

"An insightful, edifying tale of the toll that a parasistic disease can take...Berkowitz writes of this challenging situation with honestly, humility and even humor." ~ Kirkus Reviews

"In her first memoir, author Tracey Berkowitz shares with abject and detailed frankness a battle for health and what it both cost her and brought her. But Not My Buddy is more than a person's personal battle with chronic illness; it's a journey shared with two - and four-legged - family, one filled with beautiful words that detailed the deep kinship she shares with other small souls." LB Johnson, author of The Book of Barkley and Saving Grace

"An inspiring tale of persistence and determination. If you suffer from chronic giardiasis or any mystery illness, you should read this book." ~ Leo Galland, MD, author of The Fat Resistance Diet
“Not My Buddy is about Tracey Berkowitz’s journey recovering from a condition that continues to be misunderstood by conventional medicine. Sadly, her story is not an exception. There are many people struggling with serious digestive issues directly related to undiagnosed parasitic infections. If it weren’t for Tracey’s courage and determination to share her story, I, for one, would not have met Dr. Cahill, who diagnosed me correctly and helped put me on the road back to health.”
— Louise Vyent, former ”supermodel” and public relations consultant 

“Tracey’s account of her battle with chronic giardiasis chronicles not only the physical and emotional struggles such patients face, but the fear, confusion and strain it puts on their relationships with family and loved ones. Faced with a medical system that is ill-equipped to properly diagnose and treat chronic and complex disorders, Tracey shows courage and tenacious determination to heal by taking the management of this 'mystery illness' into her own hands. It is an inspiring must read for anyone dealing with chronic illness.” — Christopher Butler, Acupuncture and Functional Medicine

“Not My Buddy leads the reader through Tracey’s maze of health issues not cured by mainstream medicine. Using the Functional Medicine approach to her health issues Tracey was able to navigate her quest back to health. Functional Medicine is a personalized, systems-oriented model that empowers patients and practitioners to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration to address the underlying causes of disease. Using the model in conjunction with tapping countless resources and ‘erko’s’ emotional fortitude ushered the way to, spoiler alert, a healthy outcome.” — Daniel Zacharias, MD

“Having read an advanced copy of Not My Buddy, I was blown away by Tracey’s deeply personal and wise story.” — Rolin San Juan, Owner, Bodies inMotion Wellness Studio
For a long time, I lived a lie. Now I’m living the truth.

First, a confession. Though I was never a dog person, at least as a child and young adult, I fell in love with a Golden Retriever, named Buddy, who changed my life by ‘gifting’ me with giardia. Okay, I’m being sarcastic. I wouldn’t exactly call the five year battle with bloating and extreme fatigue, which threatened to put my family into bankruptcy, end my marriage and render me an incapacitated mother of twin daughters a “gift,” as in a special spa-day gift, but I would say it was the greatest opportunity to change a lot of things that had contributed to my dis-ease.

I grew up in Long Island with loving and supportive parents who provided my sister and me with a nearly idyllic childhood. I was used to life going the way I always thought it should: college, marriage, motherhood with a healthy social life and a few ribbons to prove I’d actually run marathons once. Then one summer everything came to a crashing halt. My picture perfect life was crumbling faster than a dog biscuit under a heavy heel. I looked horrible, felt horrible and had no idea why.

For five years, I battled an undiagnosed sickness and an internal war of false beliefs and character flaws that contributed to my ‘dis-ease.’ My soul awakened thanks to Buddy, my compromised immune system and a microscopic parasite called, giardia, which contributed to the perfect storm. The masks I wore were being torn off by the severe winds of change, leaving me vulnerable, terrified, and headed on a collision course with my soul’s true purpose: to help those suffering from chronic giardiasis. 

I hope you find solace and inspiration here. It’s easy to ride the good waves of life, but our disappointments are also inevitable. Let’s find the joy together and break through the facades and get real…. because picture perfect is highly overrated!
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